Hankotec Oy

Hankotec is a hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturer, specialized in containerized-type H2 generators. All the main elements of these H2KTC model series have been integrated within 40-feet container, such as electrolyzer, gas-lye treater, hydrogen purification unit, water tank, power rectification unit and PLC control. H2 generator ranges from 5Nm³/h to 100Nm³/h, and all the interconnections within the container has been completed at factory before shipment. Customers can just plug the utilities to their plant and then start it. This saves the capital cost of customer to set up hydrogen production. H2 purity >99.999% and dew point better than -70 Deg.C with AC power consumption less than 5.2kWh/Nm3.

Hankotec skid type KDT models can reach up to 2000 Nm³/h. With operator-friendly interfaces the operation is safe and convenient. H2 purity>99.8%; Initial O2 purity >99.2%; DC power consumption ≤ 4.3 KWh/m³H2

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Toni Okkonen