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Neovolt develops advanced power supply and control solutions allowing the lowest hydrogen production cost using water electrolysis. 

Neovolt Oy is a Finnish cleantech start-up founded in May 2021 and currently employing 5 employees. Neovolt helps to achieve the lowest hydrogen production cost using 3rd party power supply system modules and hardware tailored for the water electrolysis market. Our systems decrease OPEX, by improving electrolyser energy efficiency, reactive power control, and online stack identification. The solution also allows to increase the service time of the stack and prevent system over dimensioning.   

Neovolt offers technology for water electrolyser customers over the whole system life cycle – from engineering services through design, delivery and commissioning of power supply systems to system realtime monitoring and diagnostics. 

Our solutions are built on 5 years of research and developed IPR. Our team members have more than 20 years of experience in engineering business and industrial project delivery.  


Samuli Räisänen
+358 50 407 7034

Joonas Koponen
+358 50 563 6569