About us

With one of the cleanest national energy mix, a rapidly increasing share of renewable energy, abundant water resources and high-level technological readiness of the industry, Finnish forerunners are well positioned to benefit from European and global hydrogen opportunities. 

Hydrogen Cluster Finland is a network of companies and industrial associations that facilitates sharing of information, collaboration and joint ventures, and development of a business perspective to promote hydrogen economy, create business opportunities and support the transformation towards climate neutrality.

Hydrogen Cluster Finland welcomes dialogue and collaboration with companies, clusters, and platforms active in hydrogen economy to create sustainable innovation and business opportunities in Finland, Europe and around the globe.


Hydrogen Cluster Finland encompasses a variety of member companies and industrial associations. It involves businesses building and operating physical infrastructure, equipment and solutions for production and distribution of clean and renewable energy, production, distribution and storage of hydrogen, and its further processing and use in industry and in other sectors. Several technology, design and digitalization service and consulting companies have also joined HCF. Our aim is to intertwine the different competencies and capabilities into a network of interconnected stakeholders – a hydrogen value network.