Clean hydrogen will play a key role in the green transition and decarbonizing energy, industry and transport sectors.  


The figure by Hydrogen Cluster Finland illustrates selected clean hydrogen projects in Finland. The projects cover the whole value chain from feedstock to end products. Project characteristics are presented below at an aggregate level.  



∑ CO2 –emission reduction


Start of operation

2024 – 2025

∑ CO2 –emission reduction

1 B€

Electrolyser Capacity (MW)

574,4 – 1414


Full Scale Investment

Info about all the projects

Company name Project name Location Project description MW CO2 red. t/a Phase Start-up year Further information
Aurelia Turbines Oy​ CHP generation with small gas turbines​ Kokkola​ Use of hydrogen in CHP generation with small gas turbine. Planning​ 2024 Project page
Hycamite TCD Technologies Oy​ TCD Hydrogen process can produce hydrogen and high-quality solid, sustainable carbon without CO2 emissions Kokkola​ Production of hydrogen and high-quality solid, sustainable carbon, avoiding CO2 emissions from methane. 62 Planning 2024
EPV Energia Oy (EPV)​ H-FLEX-E​ Hydrogen production, storage and utilisation​ Vaasa​ Green Hydrogen production and P2X2P​ Planning 2024 Project page
UPM-Kymmene Oyj​ UPM Kaukas Biorefinery Green Hydrogen production​ Lappeenranta​ Green Hydrogen production 20 Planning 2025 Project page
Green NortH2 Energy ​ Green NorH2 Energy Naantali​ Naantali​ Green Hydrogen production and P2X​ 100 135000 Feasibility study​ 2026
Nordic Ren-Gas Oy Lahti P2G-tuotanto​ Lahti​ Hydrogen production and P2X fuels 120 110000 Feasibility Study​ 2025 Project page
Nordic Ren-Gas Oy Power- to-Gas facility producing both renewable methane and green hydrogen.​ Mikkeli​ Hydrogen production and P2Gas​ 40 36000 Feasibility Study​ 2026 Project page
Nordic Ren-Gas Oy Kotka​ Green Hydrogen production​ 40 36000 Planning
Nordic Ren-Gas Oy Tampere​ Green Hydrogen production and Power to Gas​ 60 Feasibility Study​ 2028 Project page
Vantaan Energia Oy​ Power-to-Gas (P2G) plant​ Vantaa Power to Gas 22 50000 Basic Engineering 2025
Vantaan Energia Oy​ Vantaa Energy is planning to build Power to Materials / Chemicals facility which will enable Vantaa Energy reach its carbon negativity targets by 2030.​ Vantaa​ Power to Materials/Chemicals 100-500 600000 Planning​ 2029
P2X Solutions Oy​ Harjavalta​ Green Hydrogen production 20 40000 Construction started 2024 Project page
Flexens​ HydRe​ Åland Islands Green hydrogen production for maritime 6000 (8200) Construction 2024 Project page
Neste Oyj​ MultiPLHY​ Rotterdam​ Green Hydrogen production 2.4 Construction phase 2023​ Project page
Neste Oyj​ SHARC​ Porvoo​ Green hydrogen production 360 MW in total, to be executed in phases 400 000​ Feasibility Study​ Mid 2020s (1st phase)
STR Tecoil Oy​ Hydrogen plant producing hydrogen for used lube oil regeneration process.​ In production, electricity certified wind energy​ Hamina​ Green Hydrogen production 3 000 Plant is already in production Project page
STR Tecoil Oy Enlargement and upgrade of the current plant Hamina​ Green Hydrogen production 6 000​ Feasibility Study​ 2024 Project page
Convion Ltd ConvionSOE​ Development and demonstration of Convion electrolyser (SOE) in hydrogen production for e-fuel production ​ Espoo​ Green Hydrogen production and e-fuel production​ 0,125​ R&D pilot/demonstration​ 2023​ Project page
Helen Helsinki Hydrogen Hub – 3H2​ Vuosaari, Helsinki 2 3500 Demonstration/commercial investment 2024 Project page
St1 St1 Power-to-Methanol Lappeenranta 35 40000 Investment 2026
Flexens Small scale hydrogen production plant for heavy duty transport​ Lempäälä Small scale hydrogen production plant for heavy duty transport​ 2,5 2800 Full scale investment 2024-25 Project page
Flexens Green Ammonia plant Kokkola 300 480000 Full scale investment 2027 Project page
Flexens Hydrogen Refueling station Lieto 2800 Full scale investment 2024
UPM-Kymmene Oyj UPM Biofuels Growth Rotterdam Biorefinery + Hydrogen production​ Rotterdam 1 500 000 Full scale project 2026