Contact Hydrogen cluster Finland

The Cluster is composed of companies originating or operating in Finland – ranging from fresh startups to large international corporations. Here you can find contact details for the Hydrogen cluster Finland.

All the cluster member companies can be found here.

Hydrogen cluster Finland

Contact: Pia Salokoski
Title: Coordinator of HCF
E-mail: pia.salokoski(at)

Contact: Simo Säynevirta
Title: Chair of the Steering Group of HCF
E-mail: simo.saynevirta(at)



Working groups

WG1: Developing a competitive advantage – How will Finland differentiate?

Chair: Olli Sipilä, Gasgrid Finland

WG2: R&D&I expertise and education

Chair: Tuukka Hartikka, Helen

WG3: International cooperation and networks 

Chair: Matti Malkamäki, Hycamite

WG4: Operating environment and regulation

Chair: Marko Janhunen, UPM

WG5: Safety and security

Chair: Mikko Muoniovaara, Fortum

WG6: Investment projects and hubs

Chair: Heidi Bergman, Neste