Hydrogen Cluster Finland statements

By 2030, Hydrogen Cluster Finland companies deliver solutions for building a carbon neutral society globally.

To get there, we must define a common and shared Finnish hydrogen integration and acceleration plan based on a shared systemic vision and implement it with the same pragmatic, predictable and long-term politics, which have helped create the desirable and stable investment environment Finland is today.

In this section, Hydrogen Cluster Finland will present decision makers with a system level vision as well as concrete actions to kick-start and build a prosperous hydrogen economy in Finland. Here you will find the latest positions and recommendations.

Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen made of zero-emission electricity is a key to a carbon-neutral society.

Why Finland?

Finland is committed to become carbon neutral by 2035.

How: Roadmap and recommendations

Hydrogen Cluster Finland takes a systemic view to the to the Hydrogen economy.