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Hydrogen Cluster sees Finland as an engine for global hydrogen business

Hydrogen Cluster Finland (HCF) has prepared a vision for the Finnish hydrogen business according to which hydrogen business has become a new stronghold of the Finnish export by 2030. HCF companies deliver then global solutions for building a carbon neutral society.

New business based on renewable and clean hydrogen presents Finland an opportunity to create a brand-new economic sector contributing to export, employment and prosperity while simultaneously enabling Finland to reach its own climate targets as well as to maximize the Finnish carbon handprint abroad.

HCF also proposes a series of actions for moving forward and reaching the ambitious target state for 2030 described above. The White Paper published today clarifies Finland’s strengths and weaknesses in view of the aim to develop a competitive hydrogen value network and business environment in Finland.

Based on a study by HCF, the utilization of clean hydrogen could enable a greenhouse gas reduction of ca. 4-6 million tons of CO2 equivalent in Finland annually. Through export, the Finnish carbon handprint – i.e., the emissions savings abroad – would exceed this significantly.

  • The vision and the proposed actions are a joint output of 45 HCF companies. It is now important that this vision is promptly cultivated to a common action plan by the public and private sector stakeholders to advance the Finnish hydrogen business, says Simo Säynevirta from ABB who led the HCF Working Group in charge of preparing the vision and the roadmap.
  • The Finnish Government has recently decided to develop a hydrogen strategy as part of our climate and energy strategy and has agreed to promote hydrogen business. Hydrogen Cluster Finland will be happy to contribute to the work, Simo Säynevirta continues.

A clean, modern, and highly reliable electric power system in Finland is one of our key strengths. The Finnish power system creates a solid basis for further expansion of renewable electricity generation. This is also the foundation of the clean hydrogen economy enabling production and use of hydrogen and its derivatives, while developing new technologies and solutions for hydrogen business.

Finland as the most attractive site for hydrogen investments

Creating a new large-scale hydrogen business enables and requires billion-euro investments. Although the investment environment in Finland is already at a European top level, we must remove the obstacles discouraging investors ad preventing private investment in Finland.

  • A predictable regulatory environment, well-functioning permit procedures, and reconsideration of the possibilities for wind power construction and expansion also in the Eastern part of Finland e.g., are key objectives, Chair of the HCF Steering Committee Outi Ervasti from Neste emphasizes.

To reach the ambitious target of climate neutrality in Finland by 2035, world-class expertise and rigorous skills development in the whole hydrogen value network is needed. HCF calls for private and public investment and collaboration to start a long-term (minimum five-year) R&D, innovation, and piloting program, which would help co-create and develop expertise at all levels. The Finnish Government should increase the public support for R&D&I by 200 million euros annually so that Finland’s target of 4 percent of GDP for the overall R&D expenditure will be reached by 2030.

  • Realizing the HCF vision requires that companies, research institutes and universities actively build, develop, and strengthen their networks with European and global hydrogen sector parties. The EU Member States are investing tens of billions of euros to catalyse and speed up the development of the hydrogen economy, for example through the European Rebuild and Recovery Fund. Hydrogen is also a priority for the Horizon Europe program and the Innovation Fund. We must make a better use of these opportunities, says Sakari Kallo from SSAB Europe who led the HCF Working Group in charge of surveying the on-going and planned hydrogen projects in Finland and competence needs of HCF companies.

Read the whole White paper:

A systemic view to the Finnish Hydrogen economy today and in 2030.pdf

Further information:

  • Outi Ervasti, VP Renewable Hydrogen and PtX, Neste Oyj,
    Chair of the HCF Steering Group,
    050 458 9741,   

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