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Management consultants and engineering experts to speed up hydrogen projects

When planning hydrogen production, there are several technologies and business models to choose between, and a unique solution is required at each site. This explains why FIMPEC is busy participating in hydrogen and power-2-x projects sharing its experience in project development, project management and engineering.

The principle of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen by electricity was invented more than 230 years ago, and it has been used industrially for more than a hundred years. So, the method can be considered proven. Just start stacking electrolysers to reach the capacity you want…

But how well are your electrolysers stackable? How durable are they? Which technology will serve you best at this point? Which supplier can offer supply security? Can you actually sell all byproducts?

These are all highly relevant questions when building a hydrogen plant, and most investors and builders are weighing them the first time ever. FIMPEC, in turn, had its first hydrogen project as a consulting and engineering partner already in 2014 when Woikoski had its hydrogen plant built in Kokkola, Finland.

“Since the Woikoski project we have participated in most hydrogen projects started so far in Finland. This means that we are constantly scanning the global market and have thorough knowledge on the technology supply and what it can achieve” says Raine Luomanen, lead consultant for the power-2-x business at FIMPEC.

Several ways to make a good business case for hydrogen

Besides the technology market, FIMPEC specialists share their knowledge on the renewable electricity market and the markets of various power-2-x products, such as hydrogen, ammonia and methane.

“We support our clients, starting from their business strategy and value chain analysis to feasibility studies. We help them decide where to play and what to produce. We help our clients to initiate their power-2-x projects from the ground up.”

Depending on the client, FIMPEC’s consultants study the hydrogen field from various angles. An investor in wind power, for example, may want to explore possibilities to secure the future of the wind farm by enabling electricity storage in the form of hydrogen. Another company may want to take it further and produce ammonia or methane.

“Some of our international clients are not yet in the Nordic power-2-x market, but they see the future opportunities of hydrogen and other power-2-x products and want to make a good business case among the first ones. And to do that, Finland is a prominent choice with its growing supply of renewable energy and biogenic CO2 and reasonable permitting procedures,” Luomanen says.

The construction boom of hydrogen plants is soon to begin

Several announcements have been made about hydrogen projects in Finland, but only a handful of them have started construction. However, according to Luomanen, a large number of projects are now in the feasibility phase – and they are feasible, he says.

“P2X Solutions, as the pioneer, is already building its hydrogen and methane plant in Harjavalta, Finland, and plans to start their next one are already in action. We have participated in the projects right from the beginning, and we are also in charge of procurement, scheduling, and site supervision. Another customer, Nordic Ren-Gas has in turn announced projects valued at more than 1.5 billion euros.”

Luomanen points out that the experience FIMPEC has gathered in hydrogen projects adds to the vast knowledge base gathered in development, planning and construction projects in the energy sector and process industry.

“There are close to 500 of us with strong engineering and consulting experience from hundreds of projects, some of which are largest in Finland and Europe.”

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