News 12.11.2022

Hydrogen Cluster Finland and FITech received a positive funding decision for a university program

Jotpa, Finnish service centre for continuous learning and employment, has decided to fund the establishment of a multidisciplinary hydrogen economy education program for students and professionals working with hydrogen. The program is a result of cooperation between FITech and Hydrogen Cluster Finland.

In 2021, Hydrogen Cluster Finland ordered a report from the Finnish institute of technology, FITech, regarding the status of hydrogen economy advancing education and RDI activities in Finnish research institutes. A deep understanding of the hydrogen economy requires knowledge of many interdisciplinary subjects, such as energy systems, electrical engineering, chemistry, and economics as well as sector coupling with heating and transportation, so the course supply is scattered across different higher education programs. Most significant identified R&D needs were the interface and interaction of energy and hydrogen systems, hydrogen infrastructure, and commercialization of hydrogen products and derivatives.

The FITech working group suggested that a multidisciplinary program could be developed in cooperation with the Hydrogen Cluster Finland. The program will ensure relevant hydrogen-related skills for graduating students and maintaining up to date skills for professionals already working with hydrogen. The content will be taught both by different university professors and professionals in the Hydrogen Cluster member companies.

Followed by the positive funding decision by Jotpa, Finnish service centre for continuous learning and employment, the first courses will be offered beginning of next year, and the funding will continue until the end of 2024. The module will include courses for basic understanding of the hydrogen economy and more advanced courses for more detailed knowhow.

“One of the identified urgent actions to reach the Finnish hydrogen economy vision 2030 is to create and boost the needed competencies. With the positive funding decision by Jotpa, we can now launch a targeted long-term program for hydrogen business, technology, and competence development. This is an important part of the hydrogen economy,” says Mikael Wideskog, chairman of work group knowledge, education and RDI.

The entire FITech report is available here (in Finnish).

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