News 03.11.2023

Finnish-German hydrogen economy talks took place in Berlin

H2 Cluster Finland participated in high-level talks in Berlin this week with the government of Finland led by foreign minister Elina Valtonen and Dr. Philipp Steinberg, Director General at German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Ambassador Kai Sauer, Marko Janhunen/UPM, foreign minister Elina Valtonen, H2 Cluster chair Simo Säynevirta/ABB, Herkko Plit/P2X Solutions and Olli Sipilä/Gasgrid. Picture taken by Bernhard Ludewig.

Series of discussions were arranged between companies, industry, industry associations and the two governments to explore opportunities for intensified collaboration.

H2 Cluster Finland published industrial clean hydrogen strategy report earlier this year and now it is time to engage in discussions with EU partners to showcase the strengths of Finland as clean and green hydrogen superpower of the North.

Discussion between the governments and industry representatives ranged from market and infrastructure development to regulatory certainty and technology collaboration.

It was agreed to continue and intensify discussions in order to identify win-win opportunities in bringing together companies and investors to enable acceleration of German Finnish collaboration.

➡ Read Hydrogen Economy Strategy here.

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