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Consultation and engineering for hydrogen production and usage

Elomatic helps businesses face the future in the right angle. We design solutions that increase the wellbeing of people and the environment.

Elomatic’s extensive experience in land and marine and offshore industries and applications from conceptual to detailed engineering enables unique possibility to support in all aspects in upcoming green hydrogen economy.  We support customers among others in hydrogen safety(regulations, dispersion, and explosion simulations etc.), technology selections, CAPEX and OPEX evaluations. Elomatic’s broad experience enables optimization of the whole hydrogen chain from production to storage and consumption.

In new designs even though today still using traditional fuels it’s becoming more common to ensure suitability at reasonable investment cost to be able to utilize future drop in electro fuels such as ammonia and green methane.

The offshore wind industry growth in project and unit size is supported via Elomatics Float foundations (patents pending) applicable among others from windmill foundation to offshore transformer platforms and even growing to energy islands with electrical conversions and hydrogen production. Our solution increases safety of work and assets among others via minimizing offshore lifting.

If you are thinking of hydrogen use or production at land or at sea or seabed standing offshore applications Elomatic will ensure you get the best techno-commercial solution for your investment.


Ted Bergman
Vice President, Offshore Energy
mobile +358 50 4283745