Energiequelle Oy

Energiequelle believes it is vital to take responsibility for a healthy environment, and has been pursuing this vision since 1997 through project planning, commissioning and operational management of wind power, biogas and photovoltaic plants.

Energiequelle wants to make it possible for everyone to benefit from the inexhaustible energy sources around them, because wind, sun, and biomass are just about everywhere for the taking. The vision is that decentralised renewable energy supply will become the standard, as people today want to reshape the things that are most important to them, including their sources of electricity and heat. That is why we are so devoted to coming up with cost-effective, forward-looking ideas that meet demand and can be put into practice locally, where people live and work.

From the property to the finished plant: Energiequelle is your ideal partner for the design and implementation of renewable energy plants. In addition, we offer comprehensive services for reliable and economical operational management. For the customers, this means comprehensively carefree green energy. Energiequelle has in-depth knowledge of the market for renewable energies and good long-term relationships with banks and investors. In the course of repowering, Energiequelle replaces older plants with state-of-the-art systems, thus ensuring sustainable and consistently optimal use of the land areas.

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