EPV Energia Oy

H-FLEX-E will develop, design and demonstrate integrated renewable energy system using P2X2P concept in a flexible and feasible manner.

EPV Energia Oy (EPV) is a Finnish energy company that generates and acquires electricity and heat for its shareholders at a production cost price. The company is a leader in emission-free energy generation, for example in utilizing wind power. In line with EPV Energy’s strategy, EPV will continue their purposeful work towards emission-free energy generation in the future. EPV strongly believes the hydrogen enables a fast continuous increase of renewables, and, finally, the transition to a completely carbon-neutral energy system.

As renewable, uncontrolled electricity generation increases, so does the importance of controllable energy production capacity. Flexible solutions need to be found in the market, so called “enablers” so that the energy revolution is possible to achieve. H-Flex-E (Hydrogen-Flexibility-Electricity) concept is one of the enablers.

Purpose of the H-Flex-E project is to take a quantum leap towards 100% renewable energy future. The concept is based on use of renewable electricity to produce hydrogen from water. The hydrogen can be stored and also used to generate flexible electricity back to the grid. Location for the project is city of Vaasa.


Niko Toppari
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