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Taking every measure for the planet

We provide instruments and intelligence enabling data-driven climate action, helping industries, nations, people, and the planet to thrive

High quality measurement data is essential for the successful ramp-up of new hydrogen production and utilization techniques and technologies. Continuous and reliable data from the process enables optimization, maximum efficiency, and the lowest environmental impacts.

Mastering in humidity measurements

Instruments and intelligence guide the energy transition. It is essential to map and measure all the critical control points along the hydrogen value chain. Water and humidity are critical components in most of the hydrogen related processes, as water acts as one of the key feedstocks for hydrogen production: When power is generated from hydrogen, the process output typically includes water or steam. Vaisala’s extensive know-how on moisture related measurements such as humidity and dew point, and the robustness of the measurement sensors, provide well suited continuous measurement solution for hydrogen related processes.

Data for climate action

Capturing carbon dioxide and methane emissions are critical in limiting global warming. Production of synthetic methane from the industrial carbon dioxide emissions together with hydrogen reduces the need for using fossil fuels such as natural gas. Vaisala’s carbon dioxide and methane measurements provide key insights that enable optimizing the production process while also controlling methane slip to atmosphere.

Vaisala  is a global leader in measurement instruments and intelligence for climate action. We equip our customers with devices and data to improve resource efficiency, drive energy transition, and care for the safety and well-being of people and societies worldwide. With almost 90 years of innovation and expertise, we employ a team of over 2,300 experts committed to taking every measure for the planet. Vaisala series A shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.


Anu Pulkkinen, Senior Manager, Strategy & Business Development, Industrial Measurements, Vaisala