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Technology Industries of Finland’s low-carbon roadmap: solutions to the climate challenge

Technology Industries of Finland TIF is committed to the Finnish government’s target of achieving a carbon-neutral Finland in 2035. Our low-carbon roadmap examines the technologies and actions required in the technology industry and offers companies the tools to reach this target. 

TIF has more than 1600 member companies accounting for about 50 % of the Finnish export and 70 % of the overall private sector R&D investments in Finland. Finnish technology companies are among the frontrunners in the development of sustainable practices, operating methods, devices, and services. The Finnish technology competencies cover the entire energy value chain: generation of clean electricity, power electronics and power conversion technologies, control and optimization of energy distribution systems, energy and process industry equipment, end-to-end digitalization and related consulting, and design and engineering services needed for turn-key project deliveries. Through the implementation of integrated, optimized systems and exports of related products and services, the Finnish technology sector creates already today a remarkable carbon handprint all over the world. The hydrogen sector provides Finnish technology companies yet another direction for expansion and further impactful business.

TIF promotes cross-sectoral innovation and business collaboration in Finland and in the EU, works closely with research institutes, universities and other stakeholders and contributes to the policy development for green and digital transitions. TIF is a member of Ceemet, DIGITALEUROPE and Orgalim.     


Mervi Karikorpi
Head of EU Industrial and innovation Policies
+358 40 7419801


Martti Kätkä
Senior advisor
Energy policy and Sustainable Development
+358 50 3804496