Ovako Imatra Oy Ab

Target is that Ovako Imatra’s steel mill is the first carbon-neutral steel mill in the world.

Ovako Imatra and hydrogen

While most other steps of the recycled steel production can and have been converted from fossil sources to fossil-free electricity, the heating of steel up to around 1200C before hot-rolling and forging remains a big source of CO2 emissions in production for companies such as Ovako Imatra.

Ovako is already today a world leader in its field, with a CO2 footprint that is far below the global average. In fact, for every tonne shipped from Ovako, two tonnes of CO2 is saved as compared to the global average. Ovako now proposes to take the next big step and also set an example for steel intensive industries worldwide, namely to implement a large scale electrolyzer in Imatra and use both the hydrogen and the oxygen for heating steel before hot-rolling.

A full-scale experiment was already conducted by Ovako and Linde together in Hofors, Sweden, in March 2020. This was the first ever in the world. The evaluations afterwards proved that this is perfectly viable technology. Big savings in CO2 can be achieved already during 2022


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