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Sustainable hydrogen and re-use of carbon by electrolysis, CCS, power-to-liquids and renewable hydrogen in transportation

Carbon neutral H2 crucial for Neste’s journey to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions

Neste is the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. It is a forerunner in providing renewable and circular feedstock solutions for the polymers and chemicals industries. For Neste, renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is in the core of its strategy, as:

  • renewable and low-carbon hydrogen enables Neste to produce lower-GHG renewable products for road transportation, aviation, and chemical and polymer segments.
  • green H2 allows the synthesis of CO2-based hydrocarbons, and their hydrocracking and hydrotreatment allow high-quality e-products for customers

Our planet is experiencing significant and accelerated climate change caused by increasing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emitted by human activities. Neste is working towards efficient and scalable solutions for reducing emissions by :

  • introducing electrolysis to produce green hydrogen
  • implementing carbon capture & storage (CCS) to produce blue hydrogen,
  • providing CO2 for Power-to-Liquid synthesis,
  • advancing H2 mobility to enable renewable hydrogen use in transportation, and
  • building up the hydrogen value chain further by PtL-upgrading


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