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Digitalization, automation and electrification for the integrated energy system

Combating climate change requires a more sustainable energy system based on renewable energy.  In order to reach a decarbonization of the energy system carbon-emitting sectors need to be integrated. 

We see hydrogen as a key contributor to reach net zero CO emissions in those areas of industry, mobility and energy that cannot be decarbonized by electrification.

Sector coupling allows to transform and save energy from renewable resources in a chemical form for long-term storage and use, with green hydrogen and its derivatives as the core component. Converting the electric surpluses through electrolysis, hydrogen and synthetic fuels can be used to store energy on a large scale and to apply green energy widely in mobility, heating and agriculture.

The technology of electrolyzers has not yet been fully utilized. We’ll need to see progress in this technology similar to what we’ve seen in the solar industry, but it’s strongly picking up with research and development in hydrogen applications. We are involved in research projects in different countries to drive green hydrogen possibilities to a new, industrial scale.


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