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Enersense is a creator of zero-emission energy solutions, that supports the energy revolution by providing various infrastructure services also to develop the hydrogen economy.

Enersense supports the energy revolution by providing various infrastructure services to develop the hydrogen economy.

We are strongly involved in creating a zero-emission society, and our goal is to be our customer’s primary partner during the energy revolution. We provide a comprehensive range of services related to the infrastructure supporting the development of the hydrogen economy.

Enersense’s operating and maintenance services include O&M management, mechanical and electrical work as well as purchasing and storage services. Our services also consist of digital solutions for improved availability and productivity, energy metering services, steel and pipeline work as well as surface treatment work. Enersense also has a track record of project management in various customer projects and expertise in all project phases from preliminary investigations to completion. Our project management service can include for example outsourcing, subcontracting, and looking after safety and the environment.


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