Finnish Wind Power Association

Wind power is the cheapest way to add clean energy production in Finland.

Wind power is THE way to add clean and affordable electricity production. Inexpensive green electircity has been identified to be the competitive edge of the Finnish hydrogen sector. Finnish Wind Power Associaton as an industry association is the one voice of the Finnish wind sector.

Today, the Finnish wind power capacity is growing with good speed: during the coming years, at least 200 – 300 wind turbines are constructed each year. By the mid of the decade, wind power will cover at least one quarter of the electricity consumption in Finland. For major growth of wind power, it is essential that also electricity consumption will grow and become more flexible. Wind power is an enabler of large scale hydrogen production: it is a fast way to add electricity production that meets the criteria of green hydrogen. Hydrogen and wind power strongly support each other!

Finnish Wind Power Association gathers together app. 150 companies that work related to wind sector: to name few, among members there are OEMs, project developers and wind power producers, consultants, and many type of service providers. The core of FWPA work is to ensure good and stable regulatory framework and public acceptance for wind power.


Heidi Paalatie



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