MSc Electronics Oy

MSc Electronics is developing, designing and supplying advanced converter technology for converting power from Mains AC supply to good quality electrolyzer DC feed.

MSc Electronics is a Finnish, growing power electronics company founded in 1985, located in Tampere. We have delivered more than 16 000 converters since. The R&D and the manufacturing are in Tampere under the same roof. The converter system delivery consists of complete type testing, possible other testing and commissioning.’

MSc solutions provide good quality DC current to electrolyzer, improving the efficiency of the hydrogen production and extending the lifespan of the electrolyzer plates. The mechanical concept is based on modularity. The basic units are either air or liquid cooled. Already developed are 0,5 MW air cooled and 1,5 MW liquid cooled units that can be scaled parallel according to the need.

The modularity of the units means redundancy and easy maintenance since the units consist of several converters. When one converter is under service, the units are working normally with decreased power of only one converter.
Vice versa, MSc Electronics can deliver converters for converting the DC from the Fuel Cell to required format of electricity.


Kari Kulju
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Pekka Seppälä
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