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Pori Energia Oy

We are actively searching for solutions that combine hydrogen economy value chains with heat and electricity production.

Pori Energia is an energy company that learns from its customers, staff, and the environment. Its passion and goal is to produce ideal energy. Our energy production is based on renewable resources in our own region. At Pori Energia Group, we work to produce and provide energy and energy services with the help of over 200 skilled professionals.

Pori Energia’s own energy production is primarily based on combined heat and electricity production. Our production is already 75 per cent carbon-free, and we aim for production to become 90 per cent carbon-free during 2023. We consider our impact on the surrounding natural environment in all of our operations, and develop procedures to mitigate environmental damage through continuous development. In 2020, we invested more than 60 million euros in the Aittaluoto biofuel boiler, which has allowed us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by thousands of tonnes per year.

Pori Energia is committed to the continuous development of its operations in energy efficiency.