Auris Energy Oy

Auris Energy owns the largest gas distribution network in Finland. In the future, our network can transfer increasing amounts of clean gases like biomethane, hydrogen and synthetic methane.

Auris Energy is a Finnish energy group that sells and supplies natural gas and biogas as well as heat and steam to industry, real estate, housing companies, restaurants, and consumers. We offer each customer an energy solution that is tailored to their needs and at the same time as low-emitting as possible.

Our Group’s business is divided into three companies. Auris Energy is responsible for the procurement and sale of natural gas and biogas. Auris Kaasunjakelu owns Finland’s largest gas distribution network and is responsible for gas distribution. Our third company, Auris Energiapalvelut, provides energy services for industry and real estate. In 2020, the combined turnover of the Group companies was approximately EUR 70 million.

We want to be involved in developing the low-emission energy system of the future, including the hydrogen economy. We believe that clean gases such as biomethane, hydrogen and renewable synthetic gases will be increasingly important as the energy transition progresses. Our gas distribution network can play a central role in the energy system of the future by distributing these gases. Already at present, biomethane’s share of the gas distributed in our network is growing steadily.


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