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Hydrogen can be used as a fuel for heating and as a reducing agent when oxygen is removed from metals or slag.

Boliden Harjavalta is an efficient and responsible metal producer operating on the West cost of Finland.

​Boliden Harjavalta produces high quality copper and nickel for industrial customers. By-products include, for example, gold, silver and sulphuric acid.

Boliden Harjavalta is unique – the nickel smelter is the only one in Western Europe. At the smelter, nickel matte is produced in one single step thanks to the best and latest technology. Harjavalta also has among the lowest sulphur dioxide emissions per produced tonne of nickel compared to other nickel smelters around the world. With the help of hydrogen the already low CO2 footprint of our products can be further lowered

The energy-efficient technology developed at the Harjavalta smelter is used to produce almost half of the world’s copper.


Pekka Pyykkö
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