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Hycamite produces clean hydrogen and industrial-quality solid carbon by splitting methane using proprietary zero-emission technology.

It is based on the thermo-catalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane molecules — in other words, we break the methane with our catalyst and heat.

Hycamite’s technology enables the production of low-carbon or even carbon-negative hydrogen. The novel methane pyrolysis technology requires only 13% of the energy needed to produce hydrogen using electrolysis.

Hydrogen can be produced from biomethane, methane from natural gas, or synthetic methane. As a cutting-edge carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology, Hycamite’s solution enables the creation of carbon sinks when using biomethane.

Based on years of research at the University of Oulu, the disruptive and IP protected process developed by Hycamite provides clients with industrial-quality carbon fit for demanding applications, such as Li-ion batteries, composite materials and filter purifiers.

Hycamite’s production is environmentally friendly. There are no emissions into the atmosphere and the catalysts used are sustainable.

Hycamite is a privately owned company headquartered in Kokkola, Finland.


Laura Rahikka
+358 40 723 6101