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With nearly 10,000 employees, 50 foreign subsidiaries and more than 500 sales and service partners, HYDAC International GmbH, based in Sulzbach, Germany, is one of the world’s leading fluid technology companies.

The product range extends from individual components and subsystems to complex systems for mobile and stationary machines. HYDAC also offers its customers a comprehensive package of technical services in fluid engineering for media such as hydraulic oils, lubricants, cooling lubricants and water.

E-mobility applications we have software development, controllers, displays, sensors, electric motors, inverters, batteries, cable harnesses.

Contemporary topics such as predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, e-mobility, energy-efficient hydraulics as well as process transparency, electrification and function integration are currently dominating developments.

Hydac has been involved in Hydrogen solutions segment last 15 years.

The typical Hydrogen application areas we are working on are; Electrolysis, Charging Infrastructure, Hydrogen Refuelling, Fuel Cells, H2 tanksystems, H2-Combustion Engines and alternative Energy Carrier.

Today`s typical components & systems we are manufacturing to Hydrogen applications are; particle and coalescer filters/separators, separators for ionic liquids, pressure sensors 16 – 1000 bar, hydraulic power units, heat exchangers (plate, shell-and-tube, liquid/air, chillers), cooling and thermal management systems, different type of mounting and clamping technology, solutions for technical cleanliness, condition monitoring.


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