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Tapro Ltd is a family business and reliable partner founded in 1988, which offers high-quality project management and engineering services worldwide.

Our main goal is a flexible and customer oriented service with highly skilled, experienced and motivated engineering professionals in energy sector for example global sustainable energy power plant and industrial projects.

More than 30 years TAPRO has offered a complete range of different high quality site, workshop and project management and engineering services for global sustainable energy power plant and industrial projects.

Our services covers the whole life cycle of the industrial project from the start, planning to the commissioning, start up, operation and maintenance.

Our highly skilled and innovative professionals have been working and developing technologies in more than 200 industrial and power plant projects worldwide since 1988.

Our main services includes

  • expediting, QA/QC services and vendor audits,
  • project and site management, supervision services,
  • owners engineering and contract management services,
  • commissioning, start up and documentation services,
  • project engineering services,
  • operation and maintenance expert services

We work and promote hydrogen economy and transition to clean energy together with our customers and stakeholders.

We operate in green and carbon free energy industry for example solar, wind, hydropower, hydrogen, battery production.

We have been developing and building the global ecosystem and partner network with our customers, partners, operators and professionals to achieve these goals.


Seija Tähtinen
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